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The Dawson Travel and Immunization Clinic is proudly partnering with Apex Occupational Health Solutions Inc. to offer the Guelph area on-site workplace flu clinics. Together we have the professional resources to support onsite flu, immunization and travel health vaccine clinics. We appreciate the importance and value of efficient and timely immunizations, like flu vaccines, to protect your employees and your business. 

The flu is a contagious respiratory disease. It spreads easily at home and in the workplace, and is responsible for about 12,500 hospitalizations and 3,500 deaths each year. Without proper 
education and immunizations it can be very serious. 
Immunization Programs
Dr. Tom Tobin - Medical Director
Dawson Travel and Immunization Clinic
Dr. Doug Friars - Medical Director
Apex Occupational Health Solutions
Benefits of an On-Site Workplace Clinic
Easy access to immunization
No need to schedule a doctor's visit
Appointments available during work hours
Reduced risk of contracting disease
Increased education and awareness
On-site seasonal flu clinics can reduce absent time in your workforce by 34%, 
providing substantial benefits and cost savings. Our team will partner with you to 
develop an efficient cost effective program that supports your organizational 

​Employers have a responsibility to keep their employees educated about the flu and its health risks. 
Health Canada provides a number of posters for the workplace to keep your employees informed.
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