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Pre-Travel Health
A pre-travel consultation with our travel health specialist will provide you with invaluable information regarding your travel destination and the necessary precautions to maintain your health via the appropriate and necessary, travel medications.

Our travel specialists will provide complete and informative instructions to minimize risk while travelling abroad, in conjunction with providing advice and support on a wide variety of potential ailments like travellers diarrhea, motion sickness, jet-lag, and the more obvious protection from insect-borne diseases that can inflict severe complications such as malaria and yellow fever.

The Dawson Travel Clinic works cohesively with both the World Health Organization (WHO) and our local Public Health department to monitor daily potential risks and outbreaks as they occur around the globe, including potential threats of exposure to Canadians at home and abroad.
Our physicians are fully trained and qualified for managing travel medication and licensed to prescribe all necessary vaccines on site.

The Dawson Travel Clinic consultation is the most comprehensive tool available to you to travel with confidence that you and your family have been provided all relevant knowledge and been administered all necessary, recommended precautions to protect your health, and enjoy your journey..

We also provide rates for groups and families.

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