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Travel Health Products
Our travel health professionals have researched the best products available to help you stay safe and comfortable during your travels. 
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Ben's 30% Deet bug spray 
Repellents contain DEET, the most effective tick and insect repelling ingredient ever developed. Pump spray bottle lets you apply to clothing, nonsynthetic caps and bandannas as well as skin. 

        30% DEET Wilderness formula
        Water based
        Repels black flies, ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers, deer flies, stable flies         and more. 
        Easy to use pump spray
37ml                                            120ml
Lifestyle Single Bed Net with EX8 anti mosquito repellent
The MicroNet is one of the most versatile mosquito nets available. Using the unique integrated 'QuickHang System' the MicroNet can be positioned and hung in a matter of seconds. The spreader bar ensures that the netting hangs away from the body, improving protection and ensuring good air flow. The nylon skirt protects the mesh when folding the net under a mattress.
        Impregnated with EX8 Anti-Mosquito treatment
        Treatment lasts for 2 years or 20 washes
        Exceeds WHO netting specifications
        Includes skit, ceiling hooks and stuff sack
        Recommended by Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Pristine Water Purification System
The personal size Pristine Water Purification System provides up to 120 litres of fresh, clean and safe drinking water anywhere in the world. Pristine uses chlorine dioxide to treat bacteria, viruses and protozoa.
        Proven 99.99% effective
        Contains no free chlorine
        Iodine free product
        Perfect for camping, hiking, travel or part of an emergency         preparedness kit
        Easy to prepare for treating uncut fruits and vegetables that are         suspect of bacterial contamination
        Leaves no after taste or odor in treated water
        Proven safe and effective or drinking water treatment in a 15         minute process
        Cap design makes Pristine™ Personal Pack ideal for traveling with         no leaking of opened product when tightened securely.
Drops - $20

Please be advised - Ancillary products are FINAL SALE.
We will be increasing prices beginning January 2019
Care Plus Icaridin 20% Insect Repellent Pump Spray
        20% Icaridin
        Repels mosquitoes & ticks for up to 12 hours & black flies for up to 10          hours
        Can be used on children 6 months of age and older
        Easy to use 100ml pump spray
        Use sparingly on exposed skin
        Do not use on clothes or under clothing
        Expiry 5 years +
100 ml