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Travel Vaccines and Immunizations
The Dawson Travel & Immunization Clinic provides the optimum range of available travel medicine vaccines for the 
Guelph community. Our travel experts, including onsite physicians and nursing are certified by Health Canada to 
administer wide ranging vaccines including Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A and B, cholera, typhoid, rabies and Japanese 
encephalitis. The Clinic also administers oral vaccinations to address traveller's diarrhea.

Why a Travel Vaccine/Immunization?
Vaccines/immunizations are required in the treatment of infectious disease. Your travel may take you to a part of the world where 
serious outbreaks occur and your immune system requires a booster to protect your from exposure and possible infection. 
Vaccines are administered in various forms; injection, drops or oral capsules. A vaccine is actually a weakened mirco-organism of 
the infectious disease. Once administered your body will produce anti-bodies to protect you if you were exposed to the full disease. 
However, these internal anti-bodies have a limited life span, 5-10 years at  best, the necessity to upgrade your anti-bodies by 
visiting the Dawson Travel & Immunization Clinic for a "booster".
Commercial vaccines for travel medicine are tested rigorously and must adhere to Health Canada protocols and standards.

Do I really need Travel Medications?
Children in Ontario receive a schedule of specific vaccinations to prevent dangerous childhood disease such as measles-mumps-rubella-tetanus and polio , to name a few. International travelers may be in contact with infectious disease that is not prevalent in Canada. Your immune system is completely exposed to the dangers inherent in diseases like Hepatitis A and B, Yellow Fever or Malaria. Hepatitis A is the preventable disease when properly vaccinated prior to journey. While some vaccines are effective on short notice, most require multiple doses on a regulated schedule for optimum effectiveness. It is recommended that you book your consult appointment 4-6 weeks prior to departure.

A minority of individuals may have adverse or allergic reactions to travel medications. Before receiving any travel medications it is highly recommended to consult with your family physician. 

The Dawson Travel & Immunization Clinic is an important component in ensuring your journey is safe and risk free from disease. 
We offer the following vaccinations:
Did you know?

There's an App for that!
Immunize Canada - Conveniently keep tract of your vaccine history, just input your vaccines and this app can help you keep track of your vaccinations and notify you when your next dose is due.