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About Us
The Dawson Travel & Immunization Clinic is conveniently located at 83 Dawson Road, just East of the Hanlon in Guelph, Ontario. Our health team, consisting of certified vaccine and immunization specialists is directed by Dr. Tom Tobin a certified member of the International Society of Travel Medicine. 
Our Travel clinicians will provide you and your family with everything necessary to ensure a healthy journey and a safe return. Our team of professionals and travel experts will ensure that you are receiving the proper pre and post travel education in conjunction with the appropriate travel vaccines. 

The Dawson Travel & Immunization Clinic is a full service environment with fully trained nursing and travel medicine physician support to ensure that you receive the proper travel vaccines as directed by the World Health Organization (WHO). Our clinic administers a complete range of vaccines to protect you against diseases such as Hepatitis A and B, Rabies and Yellow Fever, as well as traveller's diarrhea.

The Dawson Travel & Immunization Clinic also administers various vaccines outside the scope of travel to address patient care like Zostavax, Pneumovax, Gardasil and TB Skin Tests. 
We are a Certified 
Yellow Fever Clinic